While 2020 was a year filled with remakes, remasters and all other manners of re-envisioning some classic RPGs, this year looks to be when newer consoles start hitting their strides with some fresh titles as well as sequels to long-running franchises. Nintendo Switch will get its first new Monster Hunter […]

2020 hasn’t been a particularly rich year for fighting games, but the few games that did get released were all quality titles that provided us fans of the genre with that competitive rush we sorely need in our gaming lives. 2021 doesn’t seem to be much different in this regard. […]

The 2020 pandemic certainly boosted multiplayer games most of all, raising player figures across the board as gamers were essentially forced to stay inside for weeks or even months due to social distancing lockdown procedures. At a time of crisis when meeting friends in person suddenly became huge challenging, multiplayer […]