Officials in Wrightsville, York County, have positioned the borough to take advantage of economic development opportunities that could attract bikers, hikers and history buffs to the river town. Borough Council unanimously approved joining the Trail Town Program on March 15 after a presentation touting the economic impacts of trails by […]

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I always thought of escaping and pursuing adventure elsewhere. I think this is a common dream for everyone, regardless of where they are from. It’s not about escaping the small town; it’s about leaving the nest and setting out on your own. What […]

Applicants for the two open seats on the Eagle Town Council each touched on a variety of issues in the small but growing town in their interviews. Those issues included supporting small businesses and recruiting new businesses, improving internet services, attracting younger people and families to town, helping older residents […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BLESSINGS TO ALL: A tree with ornaments and a star or angel at the top, Santa Claus bearing gifts, food that is tasty and carols to sing, it’s Christmastime! Make Christmas special year after year and enjoy the experience. A meaningful time of memories that will linger […]

MARYN CARPENTER AND MEGAN DOBIE ARE WINNERS: Lempke-Blackwell VFW Post 7573 Auxiliary member and contest Chair Sandi VanTiem is excited to announce the essay contest winners for 2020. The girls’ essays are now at the district level. Winning works then travel to the state and national levels. The Patriot’s Pen […]

Good morning. Election Day is in 19 days. Do you know how you’ll cast your ballot? Today’s biggest news reflects the issues front-and-center for American voters, from health care to climate events to the coronavirus. And while this evening’s scheduled debate which may have dived into the issues was canceled, two separate town halls – […]

MANCHESTER — Town officials say that the Parks and Facilities Master Plan is moving forward, and residents can voice their opinion about what they want to see in the town spaces over the coming months. Director of the Department of Recreation, Family, and Leisure, Chris Silver announced Tuesday that the […]