Jamaican authorities dispute claims American tourist was kidnapped (Instagram/Kalina Collier) Jamaican authorities have disputed claims that an American tourist was kidnapped in Jamaica, despite calls to rescue her circulating online. Kalina Collier, a JetBlue flight attendant from New York, travelled to the island for a vacation on 28 January. Authorities […]

Imagine you can visit the beautiful tropical island of Lombok in eastern Indonesia from the comfort of your couch through your laptop or smartphone. Tourists can stay at home while listening to travel agents’ voices explaining localities and looking at places they visit virtually through gadgets. With the COVID-19 pandemic […]

For those who can, now is truly the time to witness the natural beauty of the archipelago in all its tranquil glory Sitting on the edge of my bed in Quito’s Casa Gangotena, the nicest hotel I have been inside during 2020, I waited for the swab to disappear inside […]

Estes Park, like other tourist towns across Colorado, finds itself in a tough spot when trying to stem the spread of COVID-19. The Larimer County community desperately needs visitor dollars to boost its economy going into winter, when fewer folks are able to easily access its scenic splendor. But because potential […]

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but we’re living through a pandemic right now,” says Joel Robinson with a smile as he introduces his Jack the Ripper tour in London’s East End. Robinson, a trained actor and history buff who works for the tourist company London With A Local, goes […]