Watch: Europe awaits AstraZeneca approval as virus variant worries grow Coronavirus Article Bar with counter Britain’s supply of Pfizer vaccines from Belgium is under threat with the European Commission is expected to unveil an EU export ban on Friday. The development comes amid a deepening row between the EU and […]

The founder of Draper University threatened to move it out of downtown San Mateo during a Planning Commission meeting Tuesday after officials expressed continued reservation about proposed changes to the historic Benjamin Franklin Hotel where it is located. The Planning Commission remains unconvinced by the proposed changes to the university […]

EU demands tighter control on vaccine exports Britain’s Covid vaccine supply is in jeopardy. The EU threatened to block exports of the Belgian-made Pfizer jabs as part of a row with the UK-based AstraZeneca (AZ). Brussels decided to impose tighter controls on exports after reacting with anger to the news that AZ […]