Guy Pearce in ‘Memento’, Jessica Chastain in ‘Interstellar’, Heath Ledger in ‘The Dark Knight’, Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Inception’ and Fionn Whitehead in ‘Dunkirk’: Summit/Warner Bros Christopher Nolan is one of our last true visionaries. It’s a term that’s been diluted in recent years, with movie trailers heralding the alleged “visions” […]

Chinese moviegoers are set for a Christopher Nolan bonanza on the big screen: his sci-fi epic “Tenet” will launch in Chinese theaters on Sept. 4, a week after an Aug. 28 re-release of “Inception.” Meanwhile, the theatrical re-run of his 2014 “Interstellar” is blasting past competition at box office as […]

It’s the news film fans had been dreading – Christopher Nolan’s mind bending sci-fi epic Tenet has been delayed indefinitely, with Warner Bros temporarily pulling it from their release calendar. It was supposed to be the cinematic event of the summer, with an astronomical $200m (£157m) budget and a secretive […]

A new Christopher Nolan film is an “event.” It’s something that gets speculated about years before it’s confirmed. Full articles are written about it even when “nothing else is known” aside from that it’s happening. It gets a Fortnite event. It certainly gets a firm release date. Had a microscopic […]