By Fernando G. Russo, MBA MSF, vice president of investment banking at Young America Capital.  Edited by Sean Santa. So far, you’ve spent a couple thousand bucks. You built the website, got a desk at WeWork, ordered 1,000 business cards to get the volume discount, and yet struggle to explain […]

As social distancing continues to keep friends apart, your goal of finally learning to play Dungeons & Dragons might start to feel like it will never happen. Although the majority of TTRPG gaming has shifted online thanks to Discord and Zoom, the challenge of finding someone willing to show you […]

Over the summer, the Share the Mic Now campaign ignited conversations and flooded Instagram timelines as Black women took over the accounts of white women in order to share their own experiences and influences. Co-founded by Bozoma Saint John, Netflix’s chief marketing officer at Netflix, and Luvvie Ajayi Jones, a […]

Picture your childhood kitchen table. Close your eyes and put yourself there. What did the chairs feel like? Did your feet touch the ground? Was the table round or rectangular? Did it hold an extra leaf when company came over? My own kitchen table was a $30 Craigslist find. Someone […]