Whether you like it or not, it’s coming. We call it February 14th, but to much of the coupled-off world, it’s Valentine’s Day. (Cue the groans.) From the diamond ring commercials to the romantic movie marathons taking over your daily programming, this year, forget about defending being single and spend […]

The PS4 to PS5 upgrade situation can get a little confusing when you start to think too much about it. So, we’re going to do some of the thinking for you. The PS5 upgrade approach is a new system being put in place that allows players to download a PS5 […]

After fifty-two years without self-worth, Kylie Chapman lives to help others find theirs. Most of us have battled self-doubt throughout our lives. Whether it’s a relationship breakup, a chronic health issue, family problems, money, unexpected changes can throw even the brightest of temperaments into a dark place.  “There are no […]