(Bloomberg) — Hedge funds and other short sellers are beginning to set their sights on a U.S. credit-derivatives index with outsized exposure to hotel debt as the pandemic sinks the hospitality industry into distress. The firms are starting to build up wagers against the synthetic index, known as CMBX 9, […]

Oh, God, please don’t make me do it. The U.S. stock market’s extraordinary, positive reaction to a nonfarm payrolls report that was about 50% below expectations — with only 245,000 jobs created in November — forced me to go to the BLS website and actually read the report. This is […]

Short selling allows investors to bet against a company by borrowing and selling its shares. This causes the stock to underperform, but it can also trigger explosive growth because of something called a “short squeeze” — which happens when a growth catalyst makes shares quickly rise, forcing short-sellers to cut […]