SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — A tugboat captain who helped push the ill-fated cargo ship Golden Ray from the docks as it left a Georgia seaport said Monday he observed only “smooth travel” before the giant vessel overturned. Clifton Gorden was the latest of several witnesses to tell federal investigators all […]

WASHINGTON — Federal officials will begin shipping tens of millions of rapid coronavirus tests to state governors this month for use in reopening schools. The Trump administration’s top testing official, Admiral Brett Giroir, laid out plans Tuesday to distribute some of the 150 million tests ordered from test maker Abbott […]

John and Laurie Miller pose outside of their home in San Jose, Calif., Wednesday, March 10, 2021. The Millers were passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which had captured the world’s attention in 2020 when it became clear the coronavirus pandemic had arrived at U.S. shores on board the […]

From the Drudge Report’s online takeover and Rush Limbaugh’s radio dominance during the Clinton years to the rise of right-wing digital powerhouses like the Daily Wire and Breitbart News as opposing forces to Barack Obama, modern Democratic presidencies have typically seen outsize success for the era’s conservative media du jour. […]

CLOSE As the pandemic pushes shoppers online, retailers and carriers are preparing for a holiday shipping surge that could delay deliveries. FedEx and UPS are ramping up hiring, while stores are expand curbside pickup and urge customers to shop early. (Nov. 12) AP Domestic Rushing to ship your holiday gifts […]