Changing certain habits and choosing the right accounts can make a big difference. (iStock) In March 2020, the Federal Reserve cut its federal funds rate to near zero, a record low. While this action resulted in lower interest rates for select types of loans and credit cards, it also resulted […]

APYs on high-yield savings accounts are down but they won’t stay that way forever. (iStock) Like many things during the pandemic, high-yield savings accounts have taken a hit in recent months. A few years ago (think early to mid-2019), you could secure an interest rate of over 2% on these accounts. […]

5 cents off every gallon fuel at Exchange fuel locations; 10% off Exchange restaurant purchases; Free shipping on and; 2% rewards points on purchases. Shoppers receive a $20 rewards card every 2,000 points; 0% interest military clothing plan. MILITARY STAR offers budgeting tools such as the Pay Your […]

Some savers maintain several savings accounts to set aside money for various purposes, such as paying off debt, building a down payment for a home or guarding for emergencies. RELATED CONTENT Banks generally do not have rules on how many savings accounts a consumer can own. Some people like to […]

Shot of a young woman doing some online shopping while relaxing on her sofa. Holiday spending and end-of-year expenses can throw anyone’s finances out of whack. That’s probably why saving more is such a popular New Year’s resolution. Find Out: 40 Easy Ways To Save on Holiday Shopping But you […]

TipRanks Billionaire Ray Dalio Picks Up These 3 “Strong Buy” Stocks Sometimes, the experts will tell us what we already know. Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, has built a legendary reputation in financial circles, for taking his firm from a home business in his two-bedroom apartment to the […]

Americans should have access to a free website that tracks all of their retirement benefits, including Social Security, employer-sponsored savings plans, and individual retirement accounts, according to a new paper from the Brookings Institution. In a separate paper, the nonprofit public-policy organization says that “tontines” should be explored as potential […]

Finding it a challenge to set aside savings on a consistent basis? Or maybe you just want to simplify how you save for the future. Whatever your goals, today’s digital tools make it easy to create and automate a personal savings program. Automation can make a big difference in helping […]

By Spencer Tierney Today’s best rates for savings accounts and certificates of deposit are a far cry from last year’s rates of 2%. And rates across most banks will likely keep dropping. “It will be increasingly uncommon to find institutions that are willing to pay 1%” on a savings account, […]