Pro surfer Jamie Mitchell will be welcoming affluent guests in Indonesia Last year, working out changed forever. As the pandemic swept in, gyms shuttered, personal trainers went virtual and working out from home became the norm. Fitness fanatics snapped up Peloton bikes, Echelon rowers and treadmills and dug out Endless […]

Bottom view of modern skyscrapers in business district in beautiful evening light at sunset with monochrome retro vintage Instagram style filter and lens flare effect. If your only experience investing in property involves paying your home’s monthly mortgage, you might want to consider expanding your real estate portfolio. In fact, […]

As I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to stay on a friend’s private island in Georgian Bay, Ontario in Canada for a vacation. It had a number of smaller islands out in front of it and I remember that my friend and I were begging his parents to […]

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands. For the past six years, André Meester has worked as a professional butler, tending to the needs of a 56-year-old Dutch gentleman for 60 hours a week. I met up with the 38-year-old at his boss’ house in the small Dutch town of […]

Justin Stephens/FOX When did TV stop having fun? Lord knows we could use it. Filthy Rich will never be confused for Emmy bait, but Fox’s new soap — about a flashy and flawed family of Prosperity Gospel billionaires — is a welcome throwback to the type of playful, Spelling-esque silliness […]