The Daily Beast Anti-Putin Campaigners: It’s Time to Sanction the Large Adult Sons of Oligarchs and Cronies ATTILA KISBENEDEKBack when he was still running Russia’s FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, a longtime Putin crony who now heads the Russian Security Council, famously referred to himself and his colleagues as representatives of the […]

Daniel Allan / Getty Images/Cultura RF Most people are aware that they should start saving for retirement at a young age. However, that is generally all the preparation that young people make for their future retirement, which can be decades down the road. Read: Jaw-Dropping Stats About the State of […]

NBC News anchor and journalist Tom Brokaw is set to retire after 55 years with the network.  In a statement shared with Deadline, the veteran television journalist confirmed the decision, adding that he was “proud” to be passing the reins to the incoming generation of journalists.  “During one of the most […]

Careers to explore in retirement Some people look forward to nothing more than being able to kick back in retirement. Yet for others, keeping busy and earning some extra income make the prospect of part-time work attractive. Click or scroll through our list of the most rewarding, flexible and generously-paid post-retirement occupations.  […]