A refinery in Norco, Louisiana, U.S. Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg The global network of tankers, pipelines and refineries that makes useful fuels out of crude oil is built on long-standing patterns of consumption: so much gasoline for the world’s drivers, a certain amount of diesel for trucks and a […]

Wuhan – HECTOR RETAMAL /AFP China’s economic recovery reached new heights as retail sales rose above 2019 levels last month for the first time this year. Shoppers’ enthusiasm pushed sales up by 0.5pc compared with August of last year, though this is not yet enough to make up for lost […]

Losing altitude: Virgin Atlantic is cutting back its flights (Matt Carter) UK travellers will have far fewer flights to choose from in the coming months and years, airline bosses have warned. Shay Weiss, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, told the BBC’s Today programme that his airline plans to fly only […]