A refinery in Norco, Louisiana, U.S. Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg The global network of tankers, pipelines and refineries that makes useful fuels out of crude oil is built on long-standing patterns of consumption: so much gasoline for the world’s drivers, a certain amount of diesel for trucks and a […]

North Augusta City Council began on Tuesday evening considering a budget for the 2021 year, factoring in the effect of coronavirus and adjusting some city fees. “In broad terms, the city is in good fiscal shape,” said City Administrator Jim Clifford to City Council, adding the city is starting off […]

Changing certain habits and choosing the right accounts can make a big difference. (iStock) In March 2020, the Federal Reserve cut its federal funds rate to near zero, a record low. While this action resulted in lower interest rates for select types of loans and credit cards, it also resulted […]

APYs on high-yield savings accounts are down but they won’t stay that way forever. (iStock) Like many things during the pandemic, high-yield savings accounts have taken a hit in recent months. A few years ago (think early to mid-2019), you could secure an interest rate of over 2% on these accounts. […]

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The long period of record-low rates on home loans could soon be over. Long-term bond yields, which can influence interest rates on mortgages and other consumer loans, are climbing this month amid expectations of higher U.S. government spending on pandemic relief and an economy recovery as […]

Myrtle Beach, S.C. Hotels are for sleeping, or at least, they used to be, during the Before Times. Few things could hit the hospitality industry harder than a pandemic-induced recession. Many people have less money to spend on vacations, and those who can travel might not want to risk exposure […]