With the vaccine rollout picking up pace, Americans are starting to feel more cautiously optimistic about the prospect of traveling again. Those in the travel industry are hoping for a surge in bookings in the coming months and years. A sense of wanderlust has been building, after all ― it’s […]

This has been anything but a normal year, but when I first saw the lightning strikes, I thought, even for 2020, this is crazy. Waking me from sleep in my San Francisco home, forks of lightning lit up the pitch-black sky at a terrifying frequency and with deafening roars. It was beautiful. […]

Top officials in West Coast states where record-breaking fires have killed 33 people accused President Donald Trump on Sunday of being in denial about climate change, as he prepared to meet emergency services workers in California. “This is climate change, and this is an administration that’s put its head in […]