When Kami Gullickson’s beloved barn cat Kali did not turn up to keep her company during morning stable chores earlier this month, she hoped the tabby was just off on an adventure. But it’s now been three weeks with no sign of her feline companion. While Gullickson has not given […]

The Conversation How women wage war – a short history of IS brides, Nazi guards and FARC insurgents The names of American-born Hoda Muthana and Brit Shamima Begum have appeared in countless headlines in the United States and Europe since these two female members of the Islamic State group were […]

The benefits of pet ownership are numerous, and clearly, people know it. In 2020, dog adoptions and sales soared amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and one market research firm has projected that the total number of pet-owning U.S. households will grow from 68 million in August to 71 million by the […]

We all have pet peeves. It’s just part of being alive and on this planet with other human beings. (Hey, people can be annoying sometimes!) And having less-than-tolerant opinions about that doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact, a 2014 study in The Journal of Psychology found that whining […]