Frustrated parents are calling on the Jersey City Public Schools to reopen, but the local teachers union wants staff members vaccinated before in-person learning resumes. Dozens of parents and students called into the Board of Education’s virtual meeting on Thursday, urging the district to reopen schools as soon as possible […]

Having quality friendships with people of different races is associated with less biased racial attitudes, better social skills, increased empathy and decreased anxiety in racially mixed settings. Yet despite the many benefits, cross-racial friendships are still relatively uncommon. “America is both anti-racist in its aspiration and racist in its current […]

Morse Street Public School. Schools remain closed in Toronto. Ontario faces stricter restrictions to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto. February 1, 2021. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images) The Ontario government is considering cancelling March Break for students across Ontario. The Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation will […]

Happy family with two children going on holiday, wearing face masks at the airport. A fresh new year offers numerous opportunities to envision how you want the year ahead of you to look. It’s an especially good time to tackle a new (or a first) budget for the family that […]

Isolated for months now, tweens and teens are actively searching for online friends, often describing them as IBFs (Internet best friends), via TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and online games. The #IBF hashtag has more than 670 million views on TikTok, and variations of that hashtag on Instagram contain hundreds of thousands […]

Contrary to popular belief, there are benefits for kids who play video games. We know, it’s kind of a shock, considering people have been saying video games have been rotting brains for decades. But what are the benefits? Improved coordination and problem-solving skills, to name a couple. Plus, games can […]

Available via PBS Kids streaming. Age 6+ Animated alien adventure has learning, empathy, teamwork. “Terra Willy” (also known as “Astro Kid”) is a French animated space adventure (dubbed into English) that’s full of positive messages with a bit of mild peril. After his family’s ship is destroyed by asteroids, Willy […]