All Oregonians eligible for COVID-19 vaccines April 19; Piluso steps out of school board race Get vaccinated Every Oregonian age 16 and older, who wants to be vaccinated, is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine begining Monday, April 19. Frontline workers and those in their households became eligible Monday, April […]

Some libraries have started to offer limited indoor services, but planning varies between library operators. As indoor spaces open gradually after Washington County was recently placed in the “moderate” category of risk regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, libraries throughout Washington County are discussing plans of expanding services before an eventual full […]

Items include Columbia River Maritime Museum Miniboat Program, Portland Winter Light Festival and more. Boat ashore Students taking part in the Columbia River Maritime Museum’s Miniboat Program build small boats, equipped with GPS and a sail, but after they launch them into the Pacific Ocean, they’ll maybe never see their […]

Teen markets virus-shaped goodies to cheer up ailing consumers, making a novelty product from the novel coronavirus Entrepreneur Hudson Hale, 17, had been mulling over the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and was wondering if there was a product that could lift people’s spirits. Stuck at home in the spring […]

An online survey about country-wide transit issues is available, deadline for offering thoughts is Oct. 15 If you live in, work in or travel through Clackamas County, you’re invited to let the county know if several proposed transit additions or expansions would be useful for you. An online survey is […]