Buy Photo The Desert Sun’s print opinion pages. (Photo: Al Franco/The Desert Sun) In the summer of 2019, The Desert Sun’s opinion pages took a “vacation” from national politics. For the month of July, we took a break from all the machinations of Washington and put the focus back here at […]

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EAU CLAIRE — Already beloved by tubers, kayakers and fishermen, the 4.2-mile stretch of the Chippewa River that runs through the heart of Eau Claire recently was designated a national recreation trail. The Chippewa River Water Trail was one of two Wisconsin trails to receive the designation last week by […]

Before the North Complex Fire roared through, Berry Creek had been a “wonderful little community” of about 1,200 people, said Patsy Oxford, principal at the town’s lone school. Ancient, 200-foot pines towered over a cluster of homes and vacation cabins. Adults could fish in the lake while their kids splashed […]