What does the future hold? In our new series “Imagining the Next Future,” Polygon explores the new era of science fiction — in movies, books, TV, games, and beyond — to see how storytellers and innovators are imagining the next 10, 20, 50, or 100 years during a moment of […]

Back when the pandemic made celebrating St. Patrick’s Day off-limits, we had little reason to believe Halloween would suffer the same fate. And then two weeks of shutdown became two months became who knows. And now it’s mid-October, and Halloween is just the latest in a long series of days […]

Hocus Pocus Disney Trick or treat may be canceled due to coronavirus — but at least you can still snuggle up on the sofa with the kids for a scary movie this Halloween. Put on your Halloween costumes or your warmest pajamas, fill up a bucket of popcorn and check […]

When it comes to your next movie night, it’s inevitable that you’re going to turn to the best Netflix movies. But you don’t want to scroll for so long that your popcorn starts going soggy because you can’t make up your mind.  With so much choice, we know browsing the […]

With so many online streaming services available online, it’s a difficult decision to make during movie nights. Undoubtedly one of the best movie streaming platforms is Hulu, where you can find the latest movies, TV shows, sports channels, and movies for the youngest audience. Below we have summed up the […]

After a quiet summer punctuated with a handful of culture-shaking hits (e.g. “Da 5 Bloods,” “The Old Guard”), Netflix is ramping up its original content as we roll into the fall. The result is the most unusual, diverse, and even controversial slate the streamer has rolled out all year. Charlie […]

null Movie adaptations of video games have a rocky history. For every success (Resident Evil) there’s a handful of duds (Doom, Hitman) that leave executives slamming the brakes on future releases. Recent hits such as Detective Pikachu and the Sonic movie seem to have reignited studio interest in the genre, […]