Host: Jane Pauley  COVER STORY: Is a good night’s sleep a far-fetched dream?Since the COVID pandemic began, one in three Americans has had reduced quality sleep. Correspondent Susan Spencer pulls back the covers on how pandemic stress is among the factors affecting people’s already-tortured relationship with shuteye. Spencer talks with […]

San Francisco’s COVID-19 Joint Information Center announced Sunday that the Moscone Center and City College of San Francisco high volume vaccination sites are pausing operations, but no existing appointments will be canceled. The sites will reopen once the vaccine supply is sufficient to resume operations. Moscone is expected to be […]

Your wearable, whether it’s an Apple Watch, Fitbit or another fitness tracker, might offer an early detection system for COVID-19, based on your heart rate variability (HRV). In a Mount Sinai study, researchers followed a group of 297 healthcare workers for roughly half a year and noted heartbeat changes that […]

In Florence on a Sunday, I always think it’s worth sacrificing a lie-in and getting up early and taking a stroll around the centro storico before the other tourists arrive. There’s a special atmosphere. Much of it is traffic-free these days, so the only disturbance will be church bells, early […]

Oscar Goodman says he knew Anthony Spilotro as well as anyone in Las Vegas. The former “mob lawyer” easily explains why. “Because he was always in trouble,” Goodman said Thursday night at The Mob Museum during a 25th anniversary retrospective of “Casino.” “He was under investigation just about anywhere in […]

Kids, it is known, say the darndest things. But it doesn’t stop there—their morning repasts can be pretty out there, too. For example, a student had to leave their Zoom class because their breakfast of crab legs was a distraction. While some may question why a child was eating a […]