gofundme The Graham family An embattled family who recently lost their home in a wildfire is facing more difficulties after all seven of its members contracted the novel coronavirus. Matthew and Jessica Graham — along with their five children: Constantine, 10, Claudia, twins Zoe and Adele, 7, and Darius, 5 […]

After fifty-two years without self-worth, Kylie Chapman lives to help others find theirs. Most of us have battled self-doubt throughout our lives. Whether it’s a relationship breakup, a chronic health issue, family problems, money, unexpected changes can throw even the brightest of temperaments into a dark place.  “There are no […]

CUTCHOGUE, NY — For many, the coronavirus pandemic has been a time rife with anxiety and uncertainty as families struggle to adjust to the new normal. But for Tanya McDowell of Cutchogue, the last months have been a pivotal turning point — and have meant a life shift that sent […]

There’s far too much for parents to cry about during a global pandemic — so one mom has decided to take a very different approach. “I’d rather laugh than cry,” said Meredith Masony, 39, founder of the online parenting community That’s Inappropriate and a longtime contributor to TODAY Parents and […]

Do you get what I’m saying? My parents left for the U.S. in the ’90s to escape a civil war that took almost 100,000 lives and displaced over 2 million people. They talked about the country all the time, but it’s one thing to hear about what life was like […]

DEAR ABBY: My 30-year-old son lives with me for financial reasons, and I love him dearly. He helps with bills and works a full-time job. My only problem with him is he wears the same pair of pants for weeks without washing them and hasn’t washed his sheets in months. […]

Dear Amy: I’m very active and adventurous. I started an annual tradition with my daughter to take her on mommy-daughter adventures for her birthday (like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, etc.). We’ve done this for six years now and it’s been incredibly special. This year I decided to splurge on a […]