When Kami Gullickson’s beloved barn cat Kali did not turn up to keep her company during morning stable chores earlier this month, she hoped the tabby was just off on an adventure. But it’s now been three weeks with no sign of her feline companion. While Gullickson has not given […]

ELLICOTTVILLE — The coronavirus pandemic halted most U.S.-Canada border traffic in March, much to the dismay of Ellicottville businesses that count on Canadians for a significant part of the village’s tourism economy. One event after another this past year was canceled, including the Fall Festival. Businesses closed, then gradually reopened […]

As schools in the U.S. resume this fall mostly online, they are considering how to manage something they used to be able to do more easily: figure out who is missing. Propelled by concerns about students falling behind, some districts used the summer to figure out how to better engage […]

The coronavirus pandemic has canceled many things, but FOMO doesn’t appear to be one of them. Jennifer Wolkin, a New York-based health and neuropsychologist, describes FOMO, aka the “fear of missing out,” as “anxiety that’s elicited by the perception that others are thriving while we aren’t, or that others are overall experiencing a better […]