You probably think of staying in good health as something that’s insanely time consuming—the stuff of extreme diets, expensive gyms or off-and-on cleanses. But the truth is, there are dozens of easy and effective ways you can seriously improve your health in fifteen minutes—or even less—per day. These tiny tweaks, […]

Regular 60 Minutes viewers will likely recognize the name Robert G. Anderson. It has appeared before some of the broadcast’s most indelible stories: deep investigations, interviews with world leaders, and human-interest stories that pique curiosity and tug at the heart. It is a name that has appeared at the beginning […]

Jay Walea, the director of the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy, cannot simply describe the idyllic 20,000 acres under his watch. He prefers to show it to visitors, taking them around its diverse habitats and landscapes, highlighting and naming every plant, tree, and animal he sees.“I’m out on the land as much […]

Bruce Poon Tip was in Barbados, having just flown in from a few days in Australia and New Zealand when the industry he’d helped transform shifted in ways everyone is still trying to figure out. When Poon Tip founded G Adventures (then called Gap Adventures) at the age of 24 […]