Richardson City Council members on Monday discussed how Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to end the state’s mask mandate and allow bars and restaurants to reopen at full capacity may affect area residents and business owners. As COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up in North Texas and across the country, city officials also […]

A student checks the time as others wait for the start of the annual college entrance examination amid the coronavirus pandemic at an exam hall in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020. South Korean officials are urging people to remain at home if possible and cancel gatherings as about […]

This holiday season is another reason to up your accessories game, and with the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, festive face masks are a fun way to show off your merry side. Etsy, an online market place that allows crafters and others to sell their unique products online, has several types of […]

If you think Halloween this year needs to be anything like last year’s version, health officials have one answer for you: Nope. With neighborhoods starting to make plans for how to, or how not to, celebrate Halloween in the middle of a pandemic, some standards have been set to help […]

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. It’s important for adults and kids alike to have a collection of comfortable face masks and coverings. Our selections, culled from popular fashion brands and reputable stores, are appropriate for school or work or pretty much anywhere in public. Some even donate to coronavirus-related charities.  […]

Instead of spring fever, fests and flings, March unceremoniously treated college students to a swift one-way ticket back home. My freshman arrived at our local airport COVID-free, but tearful and disappointed beyond consolation. This global pandemic affected everyone and everything we knew, and the daily tally of lost lives broke […]

Although wearing a face mask in public is the responsible decision during a global pandemic, let’s not allow the need for such a precaution to overshadow our eco-conscious judgments when deciding what type of non-medical covering to buy. As discarded single-use face masks pile up on beaches and nature trails, […]