Germany could be removed from the UK’s quarantine-free green list this week following a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections.  The country reported 5,986 new positive tests on Wednesday, well down on the 13,161 seen on Tuesday, but its seven-day infection rate has now reached 99.5 per 100,000 – up from […]

Lola Méndez is a freelance travel journalist. Two years ago, she took her first real vacation in years — and was miserable. She was operating in a scarcity mindset, fixated on all of the opportunities she might be missing. Here’s how she’s learned to take restful vacations, and shifted towards […]

Greggs worker Staff at around half of Greggs’ stores will have to accept fewer hours or face losing their jobs as the government’s furlough scheme comes to an end. The bakery chain, which employs 25,000 workers, expects business activity to “remain below normal for the foreseeable future”. Chief executive Roger […]

Boris Johnson addresses the nation: REUTERS Has Boris lost business? Perhaps not yet, but that is his direction of travel. The business community is typically, naturally, supportive of Conservative governments since it assumes the same goals, such as freedom to make a profit, get rich, pay less tax. What it […]

(Photo: Getty Images/HuffPost) Many people who loathe exercise arguably feel that way because of how the activity has been marketed to them. For too long, exercise and weight loss have been indivisibly bound, leading many to fall into the comparison trap, experience shame or engage in negative self-talk. But moving […]