The whipping that houses and landscapes took from ice and wind last fall and the pummeling from snow and the deep freeze last month gave homeowners plenty of reason to go to the OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show this weekend. For many, a chance to get out of the […]

Saturday marks a rather bittersweet anniversary. On March 13, 2020, I walked out of a local store. I haven’t been inside any building other than my house since then. This has been the Year of COVID, and as an “at risk” individual, I’ve followed the advice of my doctor and […]

(Family Features) Long days of learning and adventure often lead to hunger for little ones, but many snacks don’t fit the bill or require already busy parents to spend precious time in the kitchen. Instead, make snack time simple – yet still fun and delicious – with a treat that’s […]

Courtesy of Blue Heron Farm By the time the snow started falling over their Texas farm a few weeks ago, Lisa and Christian Seger knew what to do. Running a small farm outside of Houston for over a decade is a lesson in disaster preparedness. Usually it’s a hurricane, flood, […]

(NewsUSA) – Recreational Vehicles, or RVs, are a great way to experience a unique method of travel across the country, a welcome departure from the typical resort vacation for many. Thousands of Americans discovered the RV lifestyle in 2020 and RVs emerged as the go-to choice for U.S. travelers. The […]

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, going back to the gym might not be an option for everyone. While most gyms require masks, social distancing and may be provide disinfecting supplies, some still feel most safe getting a workout at home. For those who feel comfortable, several gyms in the Lancaster […]

Alvaro Silberstein of Chile has lived most of his life in a wheelchair — and is still an avid outdoor adventurer. He co-founded the accessible tourism company, Wheel the World, which recently won a Lonely Planet 2020 “Best in Travel” award in the category of inclusivity. Silberstein has experienced National Parks […]

PHILADELPHIA — Jocelyn and Pete Lockard are planning major renovations after they close on their home in Phoenixville in January. They’ll redo the kitchen and renovate the main bathroom while they sell their Kensington home. Overall, Jocelyn said, they’re looking to make their new living space “really open and welcoming […]

Humble newspaper is such an incredibly useful tool. For years, we tossed it in to the heifers, who ran and kicked the newspaper around before happily flopping down into its bedding softness. Newspaper is perfect for polishing window glass, sopping up dirty, wet footprints right inside the door during snowstorms […]