Although coronavirus vaccines are being distributed throughout the U.S. and life is expected to slowly start getting back to normal in 2021, we are still quite a while from the old status quo. That is, if life ever truly returns to normal after living and working at a distance for […]

On Feb. 23, Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, reemphasized the central bank’s commitment to the current loose monetary policy. He noted that inflation and employment levels are still far below their targets, and interest rates should remain low. Despite this, concerns about increasing inflation and the subsequent dive […]

One of the world’s most valuable startups – Airbnb (NASDAQ:ABNB) – will finally make its long-awaited debut on Wall Street. The travel technology company is ready to go public under the ticker “ABNB” on the Nasdaq Composite at a price of $68. It’s expected that Airbnb stock will more than double […]

Value or location? That’s just one question investors ask themselves before investing in the real estate market. RELATED CONTENT Demographic data, real estate trends and personal criteria are all important factors, but the most important thing is location. First, you need to determine the type(s) of rental property you want […]

Investments are inherently risky – real estate in particular. The subprime mortgage crisis was barely a decade ago and it played a large role in a devastating recession. Is real estate a good investment today? As with any potential investment, doing a thorough research and examining all your options is crucial. One of […]