WASHINGTON – With guests and segments streamed in from across the country, Democrats and their presumptive nominee Joe Biden plan to use four nights of videos and speakers at the party’s convention to highlight stories of everyday Americans struggling during a global pandemic and economic upheaval.  In doing so, they will cast blame on President Donald Trump for simultaneous […]

Square Enix, Marvel, and Crystal Dynamics teased the existence of their Marvel’s Avengers game for years before its official unveiling at E3 2019, referring to it only as “The Avengers Project” and leaving fans to speculate as to what form it might take. Now that we’ve seen the game in […]

Super Bowl LV will allow 22,000 fans at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., and 7,500 vaccinated health care workers are among the total approved by state health officials. The NFL expressed an interest in bringing health care workers to the game last month and combined that mission with the […]

CLOSE Best gifts for mom 2019: Disney+ (Photo: LUCASFILM) Astronauts call the objects they carry with them to float around the space station in microgravity “zero-G indicators.”  The rest of us call them toys.  According to the blog Collect Space, the tradition goes all the way back to the first launch of a human […]