Good morning. I’m Rachel Schnalzer, the L.A. Times Business section’s audience engagement editor. January is often when people get their budgets in order for the year ahead — and according to financial experts, this year it’s especially important because so many households’ circumstances have changed. Newsletter Your guide to our […]

As EHL Advisory Services would have you know, “developing a Service Culture is an imperative”. But what is it that makes service culture so important? What defining factors and repercussions of a service culture make it indispensable in businesses across the board? Service Culture definition The following definitions of service […]

This month in 1972, President Nixon vetoed the bipartisan Clean Water Act, deeming it “budget-wrecking.” A day later, however, Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-Maine) led the charge in the U.S. Congress to override the presidential veto — passing the 20th century’s landmark water protection legislation into law.  Under this law, all […]