The nights may be lengthening in Britain,  but it’s not too late for a final burst of sunshine in Greece. The five islands restored to the UK’s “travel corridor” list on Thursday – including Santorini – certainly increase our options.  And to these can be added some classic Greek islands […]

Iceland was one of the first countries to open up to holidaymakers post-lockdown – Getty Iceland’s rising infection rate is edging closer to the UK’s quarantine threshold figure, according to new data – while figures in mainland Greece, Denmark and other ‘travel corridor’ destinations continue to climb.  Yesterday, Iceland reported […]

portugal – Getty The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has defended the UK Government’s decision to maintain England’s travel corridors with Portugal and Greece, despite Scotland and Wales reintroducing travel restrictions. This week the English, Welsh and Scottish quarantine policies have split. Scotland has imposed a quarantine on Greece, while Wales has […]

Portugal could soon be added to the UK’s ‘red list’ of travel destinations   Portugal is set to be removed from the UK travel corridors list, as Covid-19 cases in the country exceed 20 per 100,000. Speaking on Sky News this morning, Matt Hancock said: “The simple answer is that […]

zante – getty Fears are growing that England could remove Greece from its quarantine-exempt list after Scotland and Wales imposed new restrictions on the country. Scotland will require all holidaymakers returning from Greece enter self-isolation for 14 days as of tomorrow at 4am, while Wales has applied the same rule […]

Cases rose again on Tuesday – Getty Croatia remains on the cusp of UK quarantine restrictions after a recent rise in coronavirus cases. The country recorded its second highest number of new infections on Tuesday – 199 – leading to a rise up to 27 in its cumulative seven-day average, […]

Cases in Croatia are on the rise – Getty Holidays in Greece and Croatia are at risk, as Covid-19 cases in the popular holiday destinations continue to rise. The number of cases in Greece is now the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. Yesterday, there were 216 cases, up […]

A pilgrim crawls from the port to the Holy Church of Panagia of Tinos, on the Aegean island of Tinos, Greece – AP The popular Greek island of Mykonos is pushing back against new lockdown restrictions that see bars and restaurants forced to close at midnight. “Everyone has come [to […]

“After months in lockdown we’ve been so looking forward to a holiday,” says Michelle Last. It’s a longing shared by millions of Britons. But when Michelle and her two young children turned up at the Gatwick Airport boarding gate last weekend for a flight to Greece she was not allowed […]

While art and entertainment carry their very own impartial definitions, they’re topics that share so much in frequent and continue to blur collectively. When we try to image what art is in our heads, we instantly conjure up photographs similar to a painting, a sculpture, a play, poetry, dance, music, […]

Many victims do not speak out, Ms. Sakellaropoulou said on Monday after meeting Ms. Bekatorou, “because they know that in the best-case scenario they will face pity or mistrust and in the worst case contempt, derision, even social stigma.” While incidents are rarely reported, studies suggest that sexual harassment in […]

Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou has appeared before a public prosecutor in Greece in relation to sexual assault accusations she made that have ignited a nationwide debate on misconduct and encouraged multiple victims to make their claims public By DEREK GATOPOULOS and COSTAS KANTOURIS Associated Press January 20, 2021, 5:36 […]

Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou arrives at the prosecutor’s office in Athens, on Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021. Bekatorou, who won gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics, last week said the male official from the Hellenic Sailing Federation performed a “lewd act” after inviting her to his hotel room to discuss […]

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — There’s just 10 minutes left to come up with a story using items scattered on the prep table: Leaves and ferns from the schoolyard, scissor-cut scraps of colored paper, a glue stick, and two hand puppets — a long-tailed squirrel and a blue hedgehog. When class […]

In future vacation news, VW and Greece have entered a preliminary agreement to transition the Greek island of Astypalea to all-electric vehicles and all renewable energy. EVs will replace everything from the private vehicles, buses, and police cars, and there’ll be year-round electric rideshare fleet. THIS WEEK IN SHEETMETAL The […]