When was the last time you looked in your closet and thought, “Wow, I had an amazing experience buying that blouse?”

On the flip side, cherished memories of an afternoon with your kids at a museum or an overnight getaway with your partner can last years.

Experiences live on long after that sweater or toy is stashed away and forgotten, which is why memory-making gifts have become popular during the holidays. And while COVID-19 has altered the safety of many of the traditional experiences we might suggest for holiday gift-giving, like music festival tickets or a spin around a racetrack with a professional driver, we’ve found there are more than enough unexpected gifts of experience for everyone on your list — even during a pandemic.  

For the adrenaline junkie 

FFA member Jason Gapinski, 17, of St. Cloud, Minn., completes the ropes course at Louisville’s Mega Cavern on Oct. 31,