Position Information The Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is hiring a Facility Manager for the new Lubber Run Community Center, a 50,000-sf facility which includes a gymnasium striped for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball, as well as a fitness center with cardio and weight training equipment, multi-purpose rooms […]

TALLAHASSEE – Florida lawmakers’ latest attempt to advance vacation rental legislation narrowly cleared a House panel Wednesday, with critics condemning the move to strip away control from city and county governments. House sponsor Rep. Jason Fischer, R-Jacksonville, said his bill (HB 219) would bring “consistency” to the massive vacation rental industry, which […]

When news of the vaccine’s effectiveness broke late last year, we all rejoiced. Here, at last, was a clear route away from the Government’s fear-driven, wholly unprecedented, and socially and economically ruinous policy of lockdown.  Our freedoms, stolen in a desperate bid to protect the old and vulnerable, would be […]

Position Information Arlington County Sheriff’s Office , nationally recognized for Excellence and awarded re-accreditation by the American Correctional Association Commission (ACA), is now accepting applications for testing for Deputy Sheriff positions. In order to participate in testing, candidates will need to apply through this system (click on the word APPLY […]

For Stuart Leven, Royal Caribbean Group’s vice-president of government relations, a key takeaway from the summer summit was “never send anything to the government unless it’s got a pretty picture and an arrow on it. Don’t expect for one second they know everything about our industry.” Marella Cruises managing director, […]

The year 2020 will stand out in American history for a number of reasons, possibly and most importantly because it included one of the greatest failures of government in American history. This was not simply a miscalculation or some wrong-headed initiative, which all governments may make from time to time. […]

Dan Schebler, Guest columnist Published 7:00 a.m. CT Nov. 28, 2020 This has certainly been a trying year…we have experienced wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and tropical storms in addition to living with a pandemic. On top of all that, the recent election cycle has further exacerbated the divisions evident in our nation, which makes it is easier to understand […]

The ban on children’s sport could effectively extend beyond the second national coronavirus lockdown unless a roadmap is produced for its immediate return, the Government was warned on Wednesday. Ministers were told the sport sector and schools needed clarity over what activity under-18s could be allowed to undertake if the […]