Facing a pandemic and the threat of violence, the glitz and glam-filled party scene in Washington that typically surrounds the presidential inauguration is poised to be as quiet as a statue tucked away at the Smithsonian. The packed galas, rowdy receptions and wild shindigs that fill social calendars during inauguration […]

Travelling with a plan of how to pass the time is key to combating this. Many crew members bring iPads pre-loaded with Netflix series, others pack fitness equipment to get some physical activity in the limited floor space. I’ve been quite impressed with what can be achieved with a few […]

Kent, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Essex make up the Home Counties; the girdle that rings London, nipped in by the M25. Increasingly, there are some serious bits of Green Belt glamour tucked into the oft-stereotyped commuter-land, including the brand new Birch in Hertfordshire with its rescue chickens and […]