One in four U.S. adults has a disability, making it the largest minority group in the country. In spite of how common disabilities are, disabled people still deal with ignorance, stigma, exclusion and lack of accessibility on a regular basis. It’s not just systemic obstacles and callous or thoughtless behavior […]

With February quickly approaching, you may be eager to prepare for the most fun and love-filled day of the year: Galentine’s Day. The made-up holiday was popularized back in 2010 by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope. “February 13th, Galentine’s Day, is about celebrating lady friends,” said Leslie. And while the […]

ELLICOTTVILLE — The coronavirus pandemic halted most U.S.-Canada border traffic in March, much to the dismay of Ellicottville businesses that count on Canadians for a significant part of the village’s tourism economy. One event after another this past year was canceled, including the Fall Festival. Businesses closed, then gradually reopened […]

In this day and age, it’s a bit more difficult to have a game night. With everyone social distancing, it’s not safe to gather inside at one place and have fun together, and this can feel a bit isolating at times. However, even though you’d have to play over an […]

Forget about resurrecting a sourdough starter, filming TikTok videos or binge-watching “The Crown.” In the quest for virus-safe fun during the pandemic, my friends and I have been meeting regularly on Zoom to play a raunchy online game that features jokes about sexual practices, Miley Cyrus, vegans and “Star Wars” […]

Have you ever noticed that all your friends seem to be born around the same time of year? Consider it the universe’s reminder that astrological compatibility isn’t just a matter of romantic attraction: The zodiac signs that make the best friends are basically cosmic soul mates, and there are a […]

The street, c’est chic. Friends first and now collaborators Bobby Kim, Los Angeles’ pioneering streetwear founder of The Hundreds, and Clare Vivier, designer of her namesake Cali-French women’s accessories brand, are releasing their first collection together on Thursday. The Hundreds x Clare V features a unisex leather tote, fanny pack, […]

Photo credit: JACOB LUND – Stocksy From Cosmopolitan Heading off to college can be an intimidating (and exciting!) adventure. Maybe you’re living on your own for the first time in a new city, away from your parents, and learning how to juggle academic work and way too many fun social […]