Demiplane, a new digital platform for tabletop RPGs, has brought on D&D Beyond founder Adam Bradford as its Chief Development Officer. Demiplane is a relatively recent web-based service for online tabletop RPG play that combines player matchmaking, live and interactive video capabilities, shared journals and inventory, dice rolling, and other […]

The founder of Draper University threatened to move it out of downtown San Mateo during a Planning Commission meeting Tuesday after officials expressed continued reservation about proposed changes to the historic Benjamin Franklin Hotel where it is located. The Planning Commission remains unconvinced by the proposed changes to the university […]

Bruce Poon Tip was in Barbados, having just flown in from a few days in Australia and New Zealand when the industry he’d helped transform shifted in ways everyone is still trying to figure out. When Poon Tip founded G Adventures (then called Gap Adventures) at the age of 24 […]

In Refinery29’s new Talking Shop series, we’re chatting with owners of up-and-coming small businesses about their experiences launching, the big challenges and wins they’ve faced, and of course, their products and services. Discover new spots to patronize, while getting an intimate look at what it takes to run a small […]