Photo credit: The Washington Post – Getty Images From Bicycling Pete Buttigieg unintentionally got himself a healthy dose of feedback from Cyclist Twitter. Politico reporter Michael Stratford tweeted a short video of the freshly confirmed Secretary of Transportation riding a bike home from work through Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood […]

One man left the house after an argument with his wife and walked 280 miles to cool off, breaching Italy’s national curfew. Another man wandered outside his quarantine room in Taiwan for eight seconds and caught the attention of the authorities. Still another drove 19 miles for a butter chicken […]

Text size Arbor Investments focuses on food-and-beverage investments. Lacheev/Dreamstime Arbor Investments needed only 87 days to raise its fifth fund, collecting $1.5 billion in the latest bit of evidence that life goes on for private equity despite the pandemic. The pool is roughly double the $765 million secured by Arbor’s […]

Our daily lives are too much filled with distractions. The current pandemic has focused our attention on narrow pursuits. We have retreated into our caves while we await better days. Meanwhile, the sun is still shining, and our well being deserves sunlight. The fine artisans who live among us can […]

HOBOKEN, NJ — On Monday, the city of Hoboken emailed residents to ask them to participate in a survey about a proposed ordinance before the City Council on Wednesday that “includes a potential $250 fine for individuals who do not wear face masks in outdoor situations where social distancing is […]

CONNECTICUT — Connecticut could issue $1,000 fines for travelers from states on the coronavirus quarantine list if they don’t comply with quarantine rules. The rules also require travelers from those states to fill out an online form prior to arrival. Enforcement of the fine will evolve over time, Gov. Ned […]

“I want to look back 20 years from now and celebrate… Not because of coronavirus but because I decided to spend the rest of my life with Reme.” Ayokunle Sulaiman and his fiancée Reme Olotun were counting down to their wedding ceremony at the Sheraton hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, on […]