New York – A study of the public’s attitude toward the press reveals that distrust goes deeper than partisanship and down to how journalists define their very mission. In short: Americans want more than a watchdog. The study, released Wednesday by the Media Insight Project, a collaboration between the American […]

But one does not have to be online to witness this upsurge in Deaf content and sign language representation, itself both a part of and distinct from the groundswell of stories about differently abled people that have arisen over the last decade. After years on the margins, the Deaf community […]

By PAN PYLAS (AP) — Waning trust in governments and all types of media is threatening to limit the rollout of coronavirus vaccines around the world, particularly in the United States, according to a survey conducted by communications firm Edelman. In an annual assessment on the state of trust in […]

The dreamlike, figure-filled canvases of the German artist Neo Rauch defy conventional interpretations. Mr. Rauch, 60, grew up in communist East Germany, and his work draws on socialist-realist motifs as well as Surrealism, Romanticism and comics. His paintings are filled with people laboring away at confounding tasks, wearing outfits that […]

On Oct. 26, NASA announced that water exists in far greater abundance on the sunlit side of the moon than had hitherto been believed. The discovery resulted from observations of a telescope that NASA regularly flies at an altitude of 45,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for […]

We all have pet peeves. It’s just part of being alive and on this planet with other human beings. (Hey, people can be annoying sometimes!) And having less-than-tolerant opinions about that doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact, a 2014 study in The Journal of Psychology found that whining […]

Screenshot: ABC/The Bachelorette (Fair Use) Welcome to the absurd, covid-heavy season of The Bachelorette, briefly filmed at the scenic and socially distant La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, California, before some producer decided it was cool to allow everyone to make out again. Clare Crawley and her 30 prospective husbands […]

An overwhelming majority of US and Canadian travelers (99 percent) are eager to travel again, with 70 percent stating that they plan to take a holiday in 2021, according to a Travel Leaders Group survey of nearly 3,000 frequent travelers. The survey was conducted in September in conjunction with the […]