Physical activities (golf, biking, gardening) can help keep our bodies in shape while mental pursuits, especially learning new things, keep our minds sharp. Core pursuits that involve others (group exercise, church, volunteerism) provide the social connections and human interactions that are scientifically proven to support our mental and physical health. […]

Lee said the resources the office still has are being focused on helping artists and arts organizations navigate public and private funding sources. “There’s a diversity of resources available to artists. It was definitely true at the beginning of COVID, unique funds were created,” she said. “We hope to be […]

When Christina Ramos announced she was going camping for the first time this summer, her friends got worried. “They thought I wasn’t going to make it,” said the 29-year-old New Jersey native, who was planning an outdoors-oriented trip to Michigan for her friend Paola’s 29th birthday. Determined to prove them […]

Photo credit: Jim Marsden, Justin French From Esquire Why was Christmas as a kid so great? Was it opening the presents lying underneath the tree come Christmas morning, or was it the steady build-up of excitement and anticipation that started from 1 December? This notion of waiting impatiently for something […]