Monday marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness about gender equality. It’s also a time to acknowledge just how financially far behind women, including trans women, and non-binary people remain when compared to their male counterparts. Women on average make only $0.82 for every […]

If you’ve ever tried cutting your own bangs or snaking a clogged kitchen sink, you’ve probably learned the hard way that you get better results when enlisting an expert. And that’s true in money matters as well. Sure, you may understand the basics of spending and saving, but are you […]

Staff Sgt. Mike Schuster loads two produce boxes into a car at a food bank distribution by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) Tony Dejak AP NEW YORK More than one-third of U.S. nonprofits are in jeopardy of closing within two years […]

They were born and raised during the Golden Age of the U.S. economy, which lasted from 1948 through 1973, when a high school diploma could be a ticket to a well-paying job, a vacation home and a college degree for the kids. It was the postwar American dream, and millions […]

In the past, when a potential investor was ready to jump into the market, it typically meant sitting down and talking to an investment advisor—a human one—about their financial situation and goals. That’s still an option today, but investors now have another option to consider—and that’s a robo advisor, also […]

Woman in shopping mall with bags shopping during pandemic and wearing face mask against coronavirus. When I reached out to financial experts with the query, “What holiday splurges do you think are worth it,” I expected some of their responses to be, “none” — or lengthier ways of essentially saying […]

PerkUp and Neighborhood Trust team up to provide immediate cash relief, ongoing support to hospitality workers facing economic hardship PerkUp Financial Health, a New Orleans based workplace financial health platform providing financial education and other online tools to help employees make healthy financial decisions, and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, a […]

Are you one of the Americans who’s in the dark? If you want to accomplish big financial goals, saving money is essential. It’s also important to know you can cover unexpected expenses without having to borrow. Unfortunately, many Americans have far too little saved. And surprising data from Northwestern Mutual […]

The city of Lemon Grove will exhaust its savings within five years and be unable to pay its bills, according to a report given last week to the City Council. The funds, known as reserves or surplus, are critical to a city to meet unexpected expenses. The city was already […]