Where are we going? Everywhere! (Provided that it is accessible by train, tube or car, does not involve international borders and remains firmly within your local area.) While holiday bans and hotel quarantines have killed off trips of the more exotic kind, one major success of lockdown is lowering what […]

In a public-health crisis that is killing more than 2,200 Americans a day, it is easy enough to meet that burden. It takes a bit more effort to see, as Dr. Srinivasan argues we should, how the very existence of such forced trade-offs constitutes a form of invisible injustice, “a […]

A home health aide with no childcare and limited funds must decide whether to neglect her ailing patient or her young daughter. An overworked man neglects to mute a video chat with his colleague, accidentally forcing her to overhear him bicker with his newly unemployed boyfriend. With school canceled, a […]