New York Men’s Day New York Men’s Day continued its mission to highlight the future of menswear. Several designers stood out in particular, namely Chelsea Grays, STAN, and Timo Weiland. Chelsea Grays’ collection was an homage to 2020 with references to police brutality, protesting, coronavirus, and voting. There was a […]

Lily Collins in Darren Star’s “Emily in Paris” Netflix This article originally appeared here on As we all settle in for a challenging winter, the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” promises a deliciously indulgent escape from our troubles: a shimmering fantasy of Paris, filled with sophisticated haute couture, gourmet […]

It’s a different kind of holiday season — a defining one — for the Neiman Marcus Group. Those fantasy gifts, a holiday tradition at Neiman’s for more than 60 years, are back, but the character of the array and the general message behind the program are unlike past years. They’re […]

On the day of Kate Armitage and Eric de Grandmont’s wedding, she trimmed his unruly eyebrows in the bathroom. Later, he buckled the glittery straps of her chunky-heel sandals while they sat together on the couch. The couple exchanged playful banter while getting ready as if they had shared a […]

Crystal Cox/Business Insider Dating in the pandemic is a nightmare filled with endless screen time, awkward Zoom dates, and trite conversations. But if you’re fortunate enough to be working from home, a solution might be lurking in Slack: a coworker crush. Topics of conversation are baked right in, and there’s […]

Ice cream Fantasy Fund Manager – Article Puff The FTSE 350 managed to make a 2pc increase last week, meaning more Telegraph Fantasy Fund Manager portfolios will be in the green compared to last week’s downturn. Luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda and silver & gold specialist Hochschild Mining were among the […]

“Pan’s Labyrinth” is a Spanish historical fairytale. New Line Cinema Sometimes you just want to forget about your real-life responsibilities and get lost in the faraway, magical worlds of fantasy. Netflix has you covered. The streaming site has plenty of fantasy films to choose from. Standouts include the classic satire “Monty […]