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Online sports betting gives fans options through mobile devices

Sports betting officially launched November 1 in Tennessee and has taken off. There are four licensed operators in the state.


Many of us have been spending extra time in the house and sports fans are using that time to weigh their bets to score in some extra cash.  

Sports betting officially launched November 1 in Tennessee, although it was legalized in the state last May.  

Since there are no casinos in the state, people can make bets online or through mobile apps and some locals have been cashing in on their favorite teams.  

Due to the change, Tennessee residents will no longer have to travel to West Memphis or Tunica to place their bets in casinos.  

Local 24 News Weekend Anchor Annette Peagler found two local sports bettors.  

Michael Davis loves sports and he’s been participating in sports betting in Tennessee since it went live.  

“The ones

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  • November 26, 2020

Why So Many Mandalorian Fans Are Angry At Gina Carano Right Now

The Mandalorian‘s second season has been very well received so far, with each episode providing a cool self-contained adventure that’s adding up to a bigger picture. Fans are happy, Disney+ is seeing record viewing figures and the show looks set to continue for many seasons to come. There’s only one fly in the ointment: Gina Carano, who plays former Rebellion commando Cara Dune.

In the first run, audiences responded very positively to the character, leading to much gossip that she’d get her own spinoff show. Now, however, many Star Wars fans are calling for her to be fired from the series. So, what happened?

Well, Carano’s reputation has taken a big knock due to her activity on social media. Back in the summer, she was accused of mocking trans people over pronouns, claiming that they had “abusive representation.” That controversy might’ve died down, though, especially after she revealed that

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  • November 24, 2020

Big Ten teams have lost home-field advantage without fans. Can Rutgers get it back against Michigan?

As he thought about returning to take over the Rutgers football program last fall, Greg Schiano envisioned running out of the SHI Stadium tunnel to 50,000 screaming fans.

That dream will have to wait.

“You don’t envision running out to an empty stadium as a coach — that’s just not what goes through your head,” he said. “We miss our fans. I can tell you that. I’m sure every team does.”

Indeed, Schiano isn’t alone in yearning to see fans packing stadiums. While leagues such as the ACC, the Big 12 and the SEC allowed their teams to fill stadiums at 20 to 25 % capacity this season, the Big Ten mandated that only a limited number of family members of players and coaches will be permitted into stadiums because of the coronavirus pandemic and safety precautions.

At Rutgers, it meant a crowd totaling 500 fans for recent home games

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  • November 17, 2020

One kid’s mission to build them all out of Lego has earned fans at Germany’s top clubs

Joe Bryant, with Hertha Berlin’s mascot Herthinho, presented his Lego model of the club’s Olympiastadion to the club’s fans

With soccer matches in Germany’s Bundesliga back behind closed doors, one talented 12-year-old is still allowing us to experience the thrill of a stadium atmosphere — even if it is in miniature form.

Joe Bryant exercises his passion for German football, sparked by a chance encounter on a family vacation, by building incredibly detailed scale models of arenas out of Lego. The Ipswich Town supporter began creating imaginary stadiums as a 5-year-old and stuck with it, improving and perfecting his creations brick by brick. Little could Bryant have known that one day his replicas would become a social media sensation, attracting attention from major clubs.

– Bundesliga on ESPN+: Stream LIVE games and replays (U.S. only)
– ESPN+ viewer’s guide: Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, FA Cup and more

“I loved football,

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  • November 13, 2020

As Biden wins, Trump golfs, snaps photos with fans, vows to fight

When Donald Trump heard he lost the election to Joe Biden, he was on the golf course.

After being cooped up in the White House since Election Day, the president had traveled to his namesake golf club outside Washington to play a round of golf, like he had so many warm, sunny weekends during his presidency.

He was there at 11:25 a.m. when news outlets declared Democrat Joe Biden had secured the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, cutting short Trump’s presidency after one term.

But Trump wasn’t ready to concede. A few minutes after the race was called, the campaign issued a prepared statement from the president, refusing to acknowledge Biden as the winner and continuing to offer vague, unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

“The simple fact is this election is far from over,” Trump said. “Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of

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  • November 7, 2020

How Tesla super fans get the add-ons they can’t get from Elon Musk

As soon as Arizona fitness coach Torrey Penn bought his new Tesla Model Y online this September he knew what extras he would need for his new ride — and it didn’t involve an extra $10,000 Full Self-Driving advanced driving package with automatic steering, braking, and turning while on any road.

Instead Penn, 43, left and headed to Amazon and eBay, where he quickly found what he wanted: a Tesla key card ring to open and start his new electric vehicle. He bought it on eBay for $99 as a replacement for an ill-fitting wedding band. The ring arrived last weekend and he immediately programmed it. Now he can put his hand near the front door and the car unlocks and starts, even if he doesn’t have his connected smartphone or key card on him. (Instead of traditional car keys, Teslas have key cards, like a hotel.)

His wife

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  • October 31, 2020

‘How Weird Is All of This?’ Fans Return to a Warped Ballpark Experience

ARLINGTON, Texas — For 54 consecutive years Mike Amodei attended at least one Dodgers game a season, beginning with a Sandy Koufax start in 1966. Nothing would ever stop him from keeping his streak alive, he thought — until a once-in-a-century pandemic put it in jeopardy.

Though Major League Baseball has managed to carry out a 60-game regular season and an expanded postseason, fans were not permitted to attend games for months because of the coronavirus.

“I thought it was over,” Amodei said from the lower concourse at the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field. “And then this happened.”

“This,” to clarify, is the National League Championship Series, the first games that fans have been allowed to attend since spring training, before the pandemic struck. Amodei, 63, seized the opportunity.

A book editor from South Bend, Ind., who grew up in Southern California, he bought a ticket online, jumped on a

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  • October 17, 2020

Anime Fans Rank Fall 2020’s Most-Anticipated Debuts

October is well into the swing of things, and that means a new season has come for anime fans. The fall cour has started at last, and fans are hyped to see what’s coming. The season is a stacked one with all sorts of shows planning a comeback. And over in Japan, a recent poll was taken nationwide to suss out which shows are the most anticipated of the fall.

Recently, the company NTT Docomo held a poll online for users of its streaming service to take. It was there fans were asked what anime this season they were most looking forward to. Users could submit multiple submissions to rank their top picks. So if you want to check out the results, you can find them below:

Within the top ten, the bottom four picks belong to Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, By

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  • October 9, 2020

SNL fires Morgan Wallen for breaking Covid-19 guidelines after the country star kissed fans at massive college party

SATURDAY Night Live fired Morgan Wallen for breaking Covid-19 guidelines after the country star kissed fans at a massive college party.

The 27-year-old was set to make his debut on the NBC variety show as a musical guest on this weekend’s upcoming episode.

The country singer confirmed he was fired from SNL in an Instagram video


The country singer confirmed he was fired from SNL in an Instagram videoCredit: Instagram
He apologized to his fans for his behavior


He apologized to his fans for his behaviorCredit: Instagram
The country singer was caught breaking Covid-19 guidelines over the weekend


The country singer was caught breaking Covid-19 guidelines over the weekendCredit: TikTok

Morgan’s firing comes after he was spotted drinking and kissing a number of women at a massive party at the University of Alabama over the weekend.

According to Us Weekly, several TikTok videos showed Morgan ignoring social distancing guidelines as those in attendance didn’t wear masks.

Morgan addressed his firing in an Instagram video on Wednesday.

In the clip, Morgan began: “It’s a tough video for

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  • October 8, 2020

The American Horror Story season fans say is scariest

In a Reddit thread discussing the scariest American Horror Story seasons, one user kicked off the Roanoke discussion by saying, “I know the style is different from what we’re used to (documentary turned reality tv) but I liked it overall. I just saw it for the first time last week and since and seen Apocalypse (watched live) and now Asylum (already seen). I feel like it’s kinda ‘cool’ for fans to hate Roanoke when really it should be ‘cool’ to hate some of the other seasons. I could not even finish Hotel or 1984 and Apocalypse was trying to [sic] hard to be every season wrapped into one. Anyone else agree?”

Another user chimed in, writing, “By far the most ‘horror’ season of American horror story. Genuinely scary and a unique take on the paranormal genre.”

Fans also pointed out that they believe show creator Ryan Murphy tends to make

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  • October 3, 2020