DEXTER, MI – The additional work performed by Dexter Community Schools teachers and administrators during the COVID-19 pandemic is being recognized with a one-time off-schedule payment. The Dexter School Board approved the agreement with the Dexter Education Association Monday, Jan. 25, to recognize the additional time and work required outside […]

Finding ways to make extra money isn’t that difficult There are tons of ways to make extra money whether that means getting a second job, taking on a side hustle, creating streams of passive income or looking for ways to make extra money online in your spare time. I bet if you […]

Everything you need to know about credit card surcharges. (iStock) Shoppers everywhere are accustomed to doing “mental math” before checkout: a quick accounting of how much the total purchase will cost and how much you’ll need to pay. You’ll decide if you want to pay with cash, credit, or debit. […]

Earning extra income through a side hustle, gig app or freelance job is a legitimate way to stretch your budget, jump-start financial goals or pay off debt. And during the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are searching for remote opportunities to supplement income and employment disruptions. But not all side hustles are […]