Debra Roberts is an author, licensed clinical social worker, and business consultant based in New York. She explains there are several easy ways to get people to like you over Zoom and virtual meetings. Roberts says to be yourself, show your authentic personality, and be an active and engaged listener. […]

Life is full of making hard financial decisions, but saving shouldn’t be one of them. If you ever feel like there are so many choices to make with your money that saving often gets left on the back-burner and nothing happens at all (aka decision paralysis), simply try automating your […]

Gunderson was cloistered for much of the spring, starting in March when San Francisco and neighboring counties became the first in the nation to order residents to stay at home. She has bought her groceries online since; social interaction outside her family has been limited to a few walks with […]

Woman in shopping mall with bags shopping during pandemic and wearing face mask against coronavirus. When I reached out to financial experts with the query, “What holiday splurges do you think are worth it,” I expected some of their responses to be, “none” — or lengthier ways of essentially saying […]

Coronavirus Article Bar with counter The new variant of Sars-Cov-2 could become the dominant strain as it has an “evolutionary advantage in transmitting more quickly”, a government adviser has suggested.  Professor Calum Semple, a member of the Sage scientific advisory group, said told Sky News that the UK “shouldn’t beat ourselves […]

Dena Roché is a wine consultant and founder of Vin Roché, a private wine services business based in Phoenix, Arizona.  After 10 years working as a travel writer, Roché decided to make a career change centered around her love and knowledge of wine and launched Vin Roché. Through partnerships with other […]

© India Today Group ‘Microscope in one, telescope in another’: Oyo’s Ritesh Agarwal shares expert tip for startups One of India’s youngest entrepreneurs Ritesh Agarwal, 26, has a piece of advice for startups. The CEO and founder of OYO Rooms says involvement in everything is a must for any startup […]