The last year has been quite an unexpected and unpredictable experience that many are more than happy to leave in the past. The coronavirus pandemic ravaged the globe, and almost every aspect of our society has had to adjust — including the film industry. Most major films intended for a […]

Frequently Asked Questions General How will COVID-19 affect Sphere Summit?Our goal is to host two in‐​person summer seminars in 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 in 2021. As we approach the summer, we may need to adjust the Summit to either a hybrid or virtual‐​only model. To keep […]

Lee said the resources the office still has are being focused on helping artists and arts organizations navigate public and private funding sources. “There’s a diversity of resources available to artists. It was definitely true at the beginning of COVID, unique funds were created,” she said. “We hope to be […]

As EHL Advisory Services would have you know, “developing a Service Culture is an imperative”. But what is it that makes service culture so important? What defining factors and repercussions of a service culture make it indispensable in businesses across the board? Service Culture definition The following definitions of service […]