Glen Canyon National Recreation Area rangers removed 800 square feet of graffiti from sandstone canyon walls. It covered a mile within the park, officials say. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area A mile of canyon walls was damaged by graffiti in an Arizona national recreation area, officials said. Rangers at Glen […]

As gyms and recreation centers shut down across the country or limited their capacities, many people found new ways to work out at home, from treadmills to home gyms. Some turned to stationary bikes to burn calories, investing in models from brands like Schwinn and Echelon, the latter having launched […]

Casting that wide net brought in literally dozens of storm-related traffic issues. As winds howled at 50 mph and buckets of rain poured, pools of standing water formed and, of course, wrecks started proliferating. Trees and wires came down knocking out power and blocking roads. “We had our share of […]