In the past, when a potential investor was ready to jump into the market, it typically meant sitting down and talking to an investment advisor—a human one—about their financial situation and goals. That’s still an option today, but investors now have another option to consider—and that’s a robo advisor, also […]

Photograph: Anthony Devlin/AFP/Getty Images Thousands of travellers who agreed to rebook cancelled holidays – or accepted replacement vouchers – are facing a second wave of heartbreak as they find they can no longer take the trip they planned but the travel firm will not refund them. Over the spring and […]

UNITED STATES—Imagine: a long-awaited moment – you move or decide to “freshen up” the old interior, but instead of joy you suddenly feel doubts: “I’ll decide to make changes, spend a lot of money and time, and in the end, I’ll be disappointed, everything around will only interfere and annoy”, […]

Sponsored – The following content is created on behalf of Quartz and does not reflect the opinions of Gray Television or its editorial staff. To learn more about Quartz, visit Medicare open enrollment runs throughDecember 7th. If you’re a senior, or if you’re a caregiver who is helping […]

Photo credit: Getty Images From Good Housekeeping The CDC released safety guidelines discouraging Americans from participating in traditional trick-or-treating this year, as it could be one of the riskiest activities during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Infectious disease experts say the riskiest aspect of trick-or-treating is being in close contact with […]