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The coolest way to camp ANYWHERE IN WASHINGTON (ft. Deception Pass) *GIVEAWAY*

No matter the season, even non-campers will love glamping in a Cabana van — and you can take it almost ANYWHERE! 🚐

ANACORTES, Wash. — YOU GUYS. I am super pumped because I got to go on a mini-vacay road trip in a way I’ve NEVER traveled before. Plus, I get to GIVE AWAY this one-of-a-kind road trip experience to ONE OF YOU! Make sure you watch the whole episode on YouTube and keep reading to find out how to win.

Imagine this: you go on a road trip through the PNW, decide last-minute you’re not ready to go home, but can’t find a hotel stay… well, Cabana’s MOBILE HOTEL ROOMS have you covered! You can take them pretty much anywhere you want that parking is legal — whether it be the side of the road or a campground! 

My boyfriend Charlie and I took a ride to

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  • October 3, 2020

‘You have 5 seconds to leave’: Arrestees at Medford homeless camp detail misconduct accusations

Choking wildfire smoke drifted away enough by Sept. 22 to reveal a blue sky that morning, when Sam and Jayden Becker arrived at Medford’s Hawthorne Park.

It was shortly before 8 a.m. and the siblings intended to film city police officers clearing the public park of a contentious homeless camp that sprang up in the wake of the Almeda Fire, which destroyed thousands of homes.

“We expected to film and stay out of their way,” said Jayden Becker, 22, of the police. “We were just trying to hold them accountable and film.”

But, within minutes, they’d both be in handcuffs.

The siblings’ footage captured the moments of their own arrests. Shortly after 8 a.m., Sam Becker, 24, filmed empty boxes strewn on the grass as multiple officers approached.

“Do you have a tent?” one officer can be heard asking Becker, while another stepped into frame and put on purple rubber

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  • October 1, 2020

Camp Cretaceous’ is a fun, scary adventure that kids will love and adults won’t mind

'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous' is a fun, scary adventure that kids will love and adults won't mind
‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ is a fun, scary adventure that kids will love and adults won’t mind


Welcome to Camp Cretaceous — the first-ever animated series to stomp its way into the Jurassic Park franchise and the name of the new adventure camp on Isla Nublar that’s featured within it. It’s got fierce dinosaurs, exciting locations, and a couple of incompetent counselors who are constantly losing track of the campers they aim to protect. And while this colossal kid show is predictable, it has enough entertaining action and humor to hold the attention of the young audience it was intended for. 

The plot centers on Darius (Paul-Mikél Williams), a dino-savvy teenager who earns his way to Camp Cretaceous by being the first person to win a VR video game. There, he meets five other teens who, for varied reasons, also get to experience the adventure camp before the rest of

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  • September 18, 2020

7 things to know if you’re planning to camp in Oregon

One of Oregon’s most unique summers is coming to an end this Labor Day Weekend.  

A season that saw mass closures of recreation sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic from March to May, followed by an unprecedented number of people flooding outdoors from June to August, has meant nothing about this recreation season has felt normal.

And that continues into the holiday weekend.

Hot temperatures combined with the pandemic’s lingering impact means Oregonians will be headed to the forest, mountains and beach in droves, but finding a campsite or a good hike could be a big challenge. 

Here are 7 critical things to know before loading up the car for summer’s final hurrah.

1: Options for camping in Oregon

The vast majority of public campgrounds that can be reserved across Western Oregon have already been snapped up.  

As of last week, 96% of Oregon’s state park campsites were already booked

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  • September 5, 2020

Walmart Launched a Free, Virtual Camp, and Neil Patrick Harris Is the Head Counselor

Photo credit: Walmart
Photo credit: Walmart

From Good Housekeeping

With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents’ summer plans — which are often locked into place way back in January — have been thrown for a loop. Depending on where you live and how bad the outbreak is, traditional camps may not be an option this year. So, what is everyone going to do with their kids this whole summer?

Virtual summer camp is a tantalizing proposition. On the one hand, it offers parents a chance to have someone else take over childcare duties for a minute, opening up an opportunity to get work done, do chores, or, heck, even take a shower. On the other, after two months of remote and home-schooling, kids may be over the whole e-learning thing entirely, and virtual summer camp can’t replace the outdoor experiences that make regular summer camp a beloved childhood tradition. And no one

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Summer camp canceled? Here are some citizen science projects to do at home.

Summer camp canceled? Here are some citizen science projects to do at home.
Summer camp canceled? Here are some citizen science projects to do at home.

If your kids are home for the summer, either entirely or in amounts you didn’t previously anticipate, they might be looking for something to do. Or you may be looking for something for them to do.

That’s where citizen science projects can come into play. Citizen science, scientific research that allows anyone to participate and adheres to agreed-upon measurement protocols, helps to provide data for research projects that would likely be impossible without the help of, well, citizens, like you and your family. Participating in these efforts could help kids improve their science skills while contributing to efforts to maintain biodiversity, eradicate invasive species, or help the habitats of pollinators.

We’ve compiled some citizen projects and apps that you and your kids can participate in while staying at home this summer. You can do them at home

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The North Face Launching Free Program for Kids Missing Summer Camp This Year

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With summer camps closed throughout the U.S. due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, The North Face has found a way to virtually bring the outdoors to kids everywhere.

This month will mark the debut of The North Face Summer Base Camp, a free two-week virtual summer camp with online and offline programming from several of the brand’s athlete ambassadors. The program features three interactive half-day activities per week, hosted by The North Face athletes, that will include a video tutorial and instruction on how to complete the activity.

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The goals of the camp, The North Face said, are to introduce kids and parents to exploration, offer education on a range of topics and hone the skills that could help kids become more curious.

The theme of week one is “Local Exploration,” with the focus on exploring and learning the

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Wilton Parks And Recreation Set To Open Camp Looper And Cool Tots

News Release Submitted by the Town of Wilton

Parks and Recreation is officially hosting a 2020 session of summer camp at Comstock Community Center while taking numerous steps to ensure the safety and peace of mind of campers, parents, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camp Looper and Cool Tots will be reminiscent of previous years, but with some unique twists to maintain compliance with State and Town public health guidelines. Parks and Recreation staff have worked diligently to make camp the best experience possible in the current climate.

Campers can expect to have familiar schedules to previous summers. Although the formerly robust travel schedule will not be present, some favorites such as Ice Cream Emergency and Dave’s Planet Pizza will be making guest appearances throughout the summer. There will also be some surprise virtual visits. Every program and activity will be designed to provide campers with leadership opportunities, academic

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Will online summer camp work? A virtual path worth a try during coronavirus pandemic

For millions of kids and teens in America each year, summer camp is a cherished part of childhood. It’s often a young person’s first foray with freedom. Or maybe it’s a chance to run wild in the great outdoors, playing all day and splurging on s’mores around the campfire all night.

Whatever the case, it’s a moment in the short window of being a kid, when everyone involved can make lifelong friends and lasting memories – and parents can get a little break, too. 

But this year? 

“It’s another thing that COVID-19 has taken away,” parenting expert Jennifer Kelman says.

Kelman, a licensed clinical social worker and mom of 10-year-old twins, says she gets this question dozens of times every day, while she and many other families try to figure out what to do with summer camp plans. “With shelter-in-place orders, this pandemic has taken the connection away for children

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