Over six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus’ economic fallout seems to be more devastating for women. Of the more than 700,000 jobs eliminated in the first wave of pandemic-related layoffs in March, the Labor Department reports that nearly 60% were held by women. According to a recent analysis […]

Fraudsters have been intercepting people’s attempts to make their money go further during lockdown, with investment scams on the increase. Fraud attempts in general were up 66% in the first half of the year compared with the previous six months, Barclays said. The bank also reported an unprecedented spike in […]

Happy family with two children going on holiday, wearing face masks at the airport. A fresh new year offers numerous opportunities to envision how you want the year ahead of you to look. It’s an especially good time to tackle a new (or a first) budget for the family that […]

Good morning. I’m Rachel Schnalzer, the L.A. Times Business section’s audience engagement editor. January is often when people get their budgets in order for the year ahead — and according to financial experts, this year it’s especially important because so many households’ circumstances have changed. Newsletter Your guide to our […]